Hello, my name is Danielle Dubin but most people just call me Danni! I am currently a student at the University of Florida studying Public Relations in the school of Journalism and Communications. Although I am studying Public Relations, my passion since I was a little girl has always been dancing. I have practiced every […]

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The People Behind the Choreography

Seeing videos or performances of people dancing to choreography is always entertaining but of course the person who actually created the work that people view is usually done by a specific choreographer or even sometimes multiple ones. A choreographer who has become extremely famous in the dance world is Nick Demoura. Nick was always a […]

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The Impact of Social Media

During this period of time in the world, social media has become a huge platform for people to show off their talents and has given people a way of getting their names and faces out to the public. For example, on Instagram, many dancers enjoy posting videos of themselves after they have just taken a […]

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To learn a little more about me and how I dance, I have attached a video of one of my routines that I choreographed on my own.

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